2018 · 18. Januar 2018
The inspiration… of a teaspoon of honey. One of the golden rules of running a relay is that you never look behind you for an outstretched baton… but I’ve found that some things being exchanged are just too precious to not visually confirm. Besides, if you’re fast enough… it won’t matter… you’ll make up for it on the back straight anyway.
2016 · 26. April 2016
Houston, we have a love. Love. Reader note: When my heart swells it. Writes in fragments. Okay, now that you’ve been warned… carry on. Her: “Thanks for the follow. Do I know you?” Me: “No, but can I call you? It’s important. It’s about Martha and June.” And then she hit send on her final Twitter DM to me containing nothing but an area code and 7 more digits. She answered not on the first ring, but on the first dingle of the first ring.
2016 · 19. Januar 2016
Wrapping paper for thoughts. Jane Two book cover. Jane Two Book Cover revealed Once, when I was 7 years old, my Grandaddy let me in on a little secret. He just tapped my temple with that giant trigger finger of his and said, “Seedlin’, time you turn the recorder on, ‘cause the important shit start about now. Find a place up there for all’o it… an don’t forget where ya put it.” And he was right. I’ve collected and recorded ever since.
2015 · 04. Juni 2015
Somewhere… in the Congo, with love. April 14, 1992 The Congo I met a Mara named Die, and not one of our visible lifelines intersected. But more than a few invisible ones did. He was my friend. We drifted down the bilharzia filled Tana to the Indian Ocean as the tide was falling too low to turn when the call came to circle back again. The banks were too high and the water too low, so the hull scraped the bottom and threw our 40 foot steamer on it’s side.
2015 · 20. Mai 2015
BREAKING: Norman Reedus found after failed kidnapping attempt. Story still developing. Norman Reedus Is STILL Lost. And time is of the essence. Please start by clicking >>>> HERE if you’re just now joining the search… for PART ONE. … “VISINE!!” That’s all I heard coming from my phone as I was once again pressed against the headboard in full freestyle. I had to go retrieve it to respond as I had propped it up facing the bathroom door with the video camera going in...
2015 · 04. Mai 2015
The Triumph Scar… and it’s Inspiration My first triumph left a pretty big scar… but I guess that’s how you know it’s a triumph. Once again, “FLANERY, GET OUT HERE” came rushing through the screen door from the porch. So out I went, knowing it was time for another growth spurt. My Grandaddy’s words were always so economically spent that I learned to savor every single syllable on that porch.
2015 · 02. März 2015
Sometimes you just need a minute. -Sean Patrick Flanery I think sadness/grief turns off a certain part of your brain… maybe out of necessity… maybe for survival. Okay, so look… I met a chick some time ago. She was in jail and I saw a picture of her on the Internet. Hell, I guess I was feeling charitable so I got in my car and drove. There was something about her eyes in that picture that felt familiar… like home.
2014 · 24. November 2014
BREAKING: Is Norman Reedus the sole witness to a sick & depraved hotel room violation? -Sean Patrick Flanery If you haven’t already, please start at PART ONE by clicking HERE. Wizard World, Nashville, TN. sometime deep into the night. At this point, I can sense that the “Stein” is starting to panic, and I knew I’d have to extricate my little homie from the turlit pretty quickly to prevent any longterm psychiatric damage.
2014 · 10. November 2014
Norman Reedus will not die in a lonely bathroom. Pt 3 -Sean Patrick Flanery Link for PART ONE: Click HERE. Disclaimer: No Norman Reedus’ were harmed in the unfolding of this glorious plot. Norman Reedus is my homeboy… and this is just what homeboys do. So where were we? Oh yeah, we’re at a Wizard World event in Nashville, TN… and the “Stein” is almost hyperventilating in my bathroom waiting patiently for me to come save him, while I’m doing absolutely nothing… completely...
2014 · 03. November 2014
I Have Norman Reedus Locked In My Bathroom. Part 2 -Sean Patrick Flanery Norman Reedus Is Gone. Pt. 2 (for part one click HERE) Okay, so at this point, I’d shed ALMOST everything and was now headboard hyper-lounging… but I can hear the “Stein’s” breathing getting quicker and quicker, and I knew he was approaching panic.

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