2014 · 24. November 2014
BREAKING: Is Norman Reedus the sole witness to a sick & depraved hotel room violation? -Sean Patrick Flanery If you haven’t already, please start at PART ONE by clicking HERE. Wizard World, Nashville, TN. sometime deep into the night. At this point, I can sense that the “Stein” is starting to panic, and I knew I’d have to extricate my little homie from the turlit pretty quickly to prevent any longterm psychiatric damage.
2014 · 10. November 2014
Norman Reedus will not die in a lonely bathroom. Pt 3 -Sean Patrick Flanery Link for PART ONE: Click HERE. Disclaimer: No Norman Reedus’ were harmed in the unfolding of this glorious plot. Norman Reedus is my homeboy… and this is just what homeboys do. So where were we? Oh yeah, we’re at a Wizard World event in Nashville, TN… and the “Stein” is almost hyperventilating in my bathroom waiting patiently for me to come save him, while I’m doing absolutely nothing… completely...
2014 · 03. November 2014
I Have Norman Reedus Locked In My Bathroom. Part 2 -Sean Patrick Flanery Norman Reedus Is Gone. Pt. 2 (for part one click HERE) Okay, so at this point, I’d shed ALMOST everything and was now headboard hyper-lounging… but I can hear the “Stein’s” breathing getting quicker and quicker, and I knew he was approaching panic.
2014 · 27. Oktober 2014
Norman Reedus Is Gone. Part 1 -Sean Patrick Flanery Let me tell you about the night that I lost Reedus. Coincidentally, it was the same night that I found Reedus. We were at a Wizard World event. And I just wanna go on record and say that I’ve never not known where that fucker was. It was about 12:30am peeking in on a Sunday and I was on the 18th floor of this hotel in Nashville, Tennessee when I get a panicked call from Reedenstein telling me he’s been kidnapped.
2014 · 15. August 2014
The day my Grandaddy introduced my right hand to my left. -Sean Patrick Flanery Flanery, get the hell over here!! So, over I went. My Grandaddy was just leaving the scoring table at one of my swim meets when I was about eight years old. He put his arm around me and walked me all the way to a bench on the other side of the pool. The meet was still going on, but I was done with my last event.
2014 · 11. April 2014
Where did the Sunshine Superman go? -Sean Patrick Flanery “Flanery… get out here!” So out I went… straight to the porch. I always did. My Grandaddy had answers, and I always wanted more of those. Everyone else always wondered why he called me by my last name, but I never did. It was just something that sounded better out loud. We were a tribe, and those three syllables sounded our call.
2014 · 02. Januar 2014
5 fatal mistakes of New Years Resolutions! -Sean Patrick Flanery There’s no shortage of ways to increase health & overall happiness… only a shortage of resolve to make it happen. -Sean Patrick Flanery Listen, I know the flavor of the day is to proclaim the “5 most deadly secrets that…”,or “the 6 most revered traits of…” blah blah blah. I know that that headline gets people’s attention. Well, the truth is I actually don’t have five. But, I do have ONE that I think holds...