2016 · 26. April 2016
Houston, we have a love. Love. Reader note: When my heart swells it. Writes in fragments. Okay, now that you’ve been warned… carry on. Her: “Thanks for the follow. Do I know you?” Me: “No, but can I call you? It’s important. It’s about Martha and June.” And then she hit send on her final Twitter DM to me containing nothing but an area code and 7 more digits. She answered not on the first ring, but on the first dingle of the first ring.
2016 · 19. Januar 2016
Wrapping paper for thoughts. Jane Two book cover. Jane Two Book Cover revealed Once, when I was 7 years old, my Grandaddy let me in on a little secret. He just tapped my temple with that giant trigger finger of his and said, “Seedlin’, time you turn the recorder on, ‘cause the important shit start about now. Find a place up there for all’o it… an don’t forget where ya put it.” And he was right. I’ve collected and recorded ever since.